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La Gondola is a store of carefully selected fine Italian products. We have been selling via Internet ,phone,fax ,email,chat for 10 years now (since 1997)

The different product categories are similar in their fine quality and in the attention paid to small details which have made the Italian style famous worldwide.
Within each category, the products are periodically updated so that you will always discover new "jewels" from our much adored country.
The various proposals presented by La Gondola are aimed not only at people searching for top quality items, but also at the most demanding collectors.
The products selected must live up to very rigorous criteria; the same rigorous attention is also applied to our customer service.


Very fast time - all shipments are either by Ground shipping or by Express courier /Air Mail with delivery within 48 hours in most countries around the world.


La Gondola uses the most advanced payment and crypting systems available which makes on-line transactions absolutely safe.


All the data are kept confidentially: we will never give the data to a third party.


or goods replaced. - La Gondola guaranties exchange or refund on products for whatever reason.

Orders can be placed online 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are processed within 48 hours.

Ordering is easy and safe:

  • Enter our secure on line store.
  • When you click on any 'categories' button you automatically pick up your own shopping cart.
  • To add the goods you want to buy in the order form click on "add to shopping cart".
  • Once items are placed on the order form, you have the option to change the quantity or delete the item from the order.
  • If you modify your order be sure to click the 'modify cart' to display the total charges.
  • Click on 'Check out' once you completed the order.
  • Then fill in the requested shipping information and click on 'SUBMIT FORM'.
  • You will receive immediately an automatic email with the order number :if NOT something wrong has happened during the order processing .....pls contact our Customer Service via email or phone/fax/chat

There are 4 ways to order from LA GONDOLA.

  • On-line: the transaction , using cryptographed transmission, ensures privacy of your credit card information. Just fill in your data and press "submit order now" to process yr order.
  • off-line: fill in the order form including your credit card information and send it to us by email ( or via fax (+39 - 02 36215547).
  • via phone pls call +39 (0) 347 2584590 via fax +39-02-36215547, opening hours 9.00 am -12.30pm-- 2.00pm-6.30pm European time .Mobile phone +39 (0) 347 2584590 - SKYPE: bellaita
  • via chat click on the Live Help icon on our web pages

The information you provide are strictly confidential. For any questions, please mail us: our customer service will be pleased to help you.


We 'll keep you informed on the status of yr order via email. For any additional info contact our Customer service.

We employ the following status criteria:

  • In process: the order has been activated and placed with our overseas suppliers.
  • Shipped: the order has been filled and has been shipped to you.
  • On hold: during the verification of your card (upon receipt of your order) the transaction was declined - please provide alternative card or inform us when sufficient funds are available: until then the order is on hold.

You will receive email informing you whenever the status of your order has changed.


We accept the following forms of payment:

Credit cards
Visa, Master Card, JCB. You have to fill in the requested form on-line or off line. Your credit card is not charged until your order is shipped. We do not release your credit card information to any outside organizations. The transferring of your credit card information is safely handled by our secure server. You will be charged in Euro, the equivalent in your local currency will be calculated directly by your bank.
Pay Pal System
You can pay thru Pay Pal now. You need just an e-mail address.
Click the logo to activate an account: IT IS FREE
I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment 
Make the Payment to
Gift Certificate
We accept payments thru gift certificates issued by LaGondola/Bella-Italia.
An unlimited amount of gift certificates may be redeemed per order.
If the order value is higher than the certificates value ,the balance can
be paied
thru credit card or PayPal.

-Buy Gift Certificates using your Paypal account

Gift Certificate in USD (Us Dollar)
Gift Certificate in Euro
Gift Certificate in GBP (Sterling )



Delivery time varies from country to country: the Express Courier delivers within 5 days in most countries The products are delivered worldwide. La Gondola is doing its best to offer the lowest shipping prices, charging our customers only a part of the real shipping cost. The shipping fees are based on the value of the items and the method of shipment; each country zone has different delivery cost that is clearly indicated in the order form. Should you be entitled to a free shipping offer please check the free shipping option when you submit your Geographic Location on the order form.
All prices are quoted in Euro.

We can deliver:

  • via Air Mail
  • via Express Courier (Air or ground service)

To: Method Orders below EUR 50 - USD 60 Orders above EUR 51 - USD 61
USA & Canada Air Mail EUR 15 - USD 18 EUR 20 - USD 25
Express Courier EUR 35 - USD 42
Europe (E.U.) Ground Service EUR 10 - USD 12 EUR 20 - USD 24
Express Courier EUR 30 - USD 36

Eastern Europe (European Union)+Norway+Suisse

Express Courier EUR 45 - USD 55
Italy Express Courier EUR 10 - USD 12
Rest of the world Express Courier EUR 60 - USD 72
I am entitled to a SPECIAL OFFER!
Free Shipment Worldwide!
If your order currency is GBP
Uk Deliveries Air Mail GBP14
Express Courier GBP 20
I am entitled to a SPECIAL OFFER!
Free Shipment!

For the products above 20 kg (eg Ice Cream Maker Musso,Isomac Millennium coffee maker) the shipping costs for overseas destinations are made on request .

We 'll keep you informed with the shipping details to allow you to check by yourself the position of the product on the way to your Country.

In any case the products will fly from Italy directly to your front door within a few days.
Delivery time varies from country to country: the Express Courier delivers within 2-5 days in most countries; the Air Mail orders should arrive within 20 days.
We 'll keep you informed with the shipping details to allow you to check by yourself the position of the product on the way to your Country.


Shipment Tracking.

Once the shipping is made you will be informed via email with the tracking number.You can check the parcel status at the web site of the courier using that number.

Shipment insurance.

All shipments are covered by an insurance to cover the possible damages in shipping. Should you notice any damage pls inform the courier immediately and contact our company to open a claim.


La Gondola is committed to your complete satisfaction.
If any product you purchase from La Gondola does not meet your expectations, you may return it within 30 days. We offer full refund minus the shipping cost to you. Please send an email or fax to the customer service, requesting instructions for the items you would wish to return.
Shipping and handling charges are non refundable.


Deliveries within the EU:
Deliveries to the EU countries are taxes exempt, ie the prices include the Italian Vat . No other duties is required.
If you own a VAT number (EU countries) you can get the VAT exemption for purchases within the European Uniont. All you need is your VAT number is valid for transactions within the European Union.Pls check with the fiscal authorities in your country.

Attention:the info provided are under your complete responsibilty.

The VAT NUMBER SINTAX AS FOLLOWS : 2 Letters as country code (eg SE for SWEDEN) followed by a number of digits (from 8 to 12 digits) .

Pls provide the VAT # in the notes of the order form when check-out.We deduct the 20% (Italian Vat) The total amount will be divided by 1.20 .The charge will be done on that net amount .Alternatively you can order at our new BtoB store : click here

Deliveries outside EU:
Bellaitalia is not responsible for any tax duties or taxes imposed by any countries other than Italy, UNLESS ANY SPECIAL PROMOTION IS ADVERTISED ON OUR WEB SITE.
Please contact your local customs office to inquire about the duty rate.


All of our products come with the full world manufacturer warranty. Electrical parts, seals and all the parts normally worn out are not covered by warranty unless differently indicated.
According to the European Rules (European Union ) all the products come with a 24 months warranty when the client is an individual/private.When the order is placed by a Company/Business name the warranty period is 12 months. Warranty period outside European Union is 12 months.

In case of faulty product you need to get in touch with the our company first. We will give instructions how to manage the problem .The client can be addressed to the local service center (if any ):alternatively we organize the collecting of the machine to be fixed or replaced by our technical service. This depends by the nature of the problem also.

We are legitimate resellers: some manufacturers and distributors websites provide uncorrect information with statements like :

-....These resellers provide only basic manufacturers warranty, their warranty is not valid in the UK ,Denmark or Sweden…

....These resellers are not authorized to sell in the UK,Denmark or Sweden ....

There is no such thing as being authorized to sell in the United Kingdom, Denmark or Sweden :any resellers can offer his goods or services in any EU country.(with few exceptions only) This is one of the basic principles of the European Union and any attempt to hinder the free flow of goods is illegal and should be reported to your local authorities.

There is only a European EU warranty( Swedish or Italian warranty is just without sense). The law is very clear on this: you as a consumer have the right the service your product at any service centre in any EU country within the warranty period (meaning that if you buy a product from a UK reseller you can service it in Sweden, Germany or Portugal etc and vice versa if you buy a product from a Italian, Irish or Swedish company you can service it in the UK, Germany etc…)

If any 'authorized' service centre refuses to service a product justifying this fact that the product has been bought in a different European Union country, please be aware that this practice is illegal and should be reported immediately to us and to your local authorities.

Here are some useful links:

EU consumer protection

Consumer rights United Kingdom

Follow this link to report an abuse:

Consumer Direct UK

We sell new machines only
Pls. note that most of the machine we sell are tested at the manufacturers. Due to this testing you could find water residual in the boiler of some machines or coffee in the grinder/filter area.

Electrical product specifications.

The electrical standard in Europe is 220-240volt-50 hz.All the electrical appliances we carry come with that standard. Some models are available also on 110-120volt- 60hz (Usa,Canada,Japan..) Pls refer to the product specifications to check availability.

Plug .

The electrical products come with the 2 pins plug (named as Schuko or German type).This plug is used in the most of the European countries ( Germany,Sweden,Denmark,Holland,Spain......).

On request it's available the UK 3 pins plug .


  • YOU WILL BE CHARGED IN EURO, the equivalent in your local currency will be calculated by your bank.
    You can pay in yr local currency PAYPAL as payment method . Please refer to for information



La Gondola Website is secure with Secure Socket Layer (or SSL). If your browser supports SSL, all confidential information (personal data, credit card details etc) are transmitted in encrypted form.
When you enter an order, you will see a blue bar across the top of your browser window as well as a solid key logo in the lower left corner. This allow you to complete an entire order without a need or to call or fax us with creditcard details.
We trust that SSL will make your shopping with La Gondola a more efficient and safer experience.

Cookies usage.

Our software platform use session-cookies only,ie they are cancelled once you close your browser.

What is SSL?

SSL provides:

  • server authentication, which allows any SSL-compatible client to verify the identity of the server using a certificate and a digital signature;
  • data encryption,which ensures the privacy of client-server communications by encrypting the data stream between the two entities;
  • data integrity, which verifies that the contents of a message arrive at their destination in the same form as they were sent.
  • SSL employs public key cryptographic technology from RSA Data Security, an estabilished leader in computer data security, and works with various encryption algorithms. The la gondola server makes use of 128 bit encryption.

Should you need any information pls do not hesitate to contact our customer service:

LA GONDOLA - Bellaitalia S.r.l.
Viale Venezia, 137 bis - 31015 Conegliano (TV) - Italy
Phone: +39 (0) 347 2584590 - Fax +39-02-36215547
E-Mail: - P.I. 03266970262

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For any comment and suggestion to our webmaster:


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